An initial consultation by Tricia Quaid is an essential first step in the design process. We assess the outdoor space while meeting with homeowners. To produce a unique landscape design, we incorporate an understanding of architectural history, functionality, balance, interest and focal points, which will be unique for each home. Plants and materials are selected based on their appropriateness for the region and on the amount of sun and shade that is available throughout the year. At this time the need for additional hardscape features will be assessed such as pools, outdoor kitchens, fountains, arbors, roofed structures, walls etc. and will be determined based on the client interview.

landscape design

Tricia Quaid Landscape Design, Inc. is a firm dedicated to residential landscape planning and design. We work intimately with clients to develop their exterior living space to their needs and tastes.

We work with clients to provide elements -pools, outdoor rooms, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, pavilions and fountains -that create the outdoor dynamic that best compliments the clients' lifestyle and the architecture of the home.

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We firmly believe in creating outdoor spaces that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

We use organic gardening techniques to ensure a pure environment within which your garden will flourish. Having a lush, green, and environmentally safe outdoor haven for your family is our highest priority. Scaled drawings are produced that translate the images and design intent of the designer to the owner as well as any drawings that would be necessary to build any features.


After the scaled drawings are presented, budgets are set, then the installation will begin. The installation crews and subcontractors will install the project in a timely and professional manner.

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Homeowners that desire a functioning, blooming garden can have their dream realized with Tricia Quaid Landscape Design, Inc. Gardens are time consuming to create, and demand constant attention in order to remain healthy, productive and beautiful. Our professional Garden Services will ensure that your garden will look its best throughout the year. Contact us to schedule some time for us to discuss your desires and expectations.